Active Student Inquiry

Inq-ITS challenges students to be scientists and show what they know.  Inq-ITS supports middle school NGSS science practices in Physical, Life, and Earth Science.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Personalized Help

Students get personalized help as they work from Rex the dinosaur, their own virtual coach. Immediate feedback helps students overcome challenges.


Assessment of Science Practices

Inq-ITS’ Reports and Inq-Blotter Alerts update immediately and lets teachers know when their students struggle. Students' progress is captured so it's easy to review.​​​​​​​

Inq-ITS Videos and Demos

Inq-ITS Tutorial Videos

Preview Inq-ITS​​​​​​​

This Inq-ITS informational video highlights the basics of Inq-ITS, and shows how using Inq-ITS in your classroom benefits students and educators.


This basic tutorial video introduces students to the concepts of Independent and Dependent variables at simple levels.

Topic Lab​​​​​​​

This video displays an example of a topic lab. Independent and Dependent variables are at more complex levels.

Teacher Tools


These reports show student performance and progress.

Inq-Blotter Alerts​​​​​​​

These alerts give teachers real-time feedback about student activity.

Virtual Coach for Students

Rex, the Virtual Coach​​​​​​​

This video displays an example of Rex, the virtual coach, within a topic lab.