Statement from Apprendis on the importance of Education for Equity

We wanted to express our views about what has gone on and is currently going on in our country, represented by the senseless, racially-driven killing of George Floyd as well as many others before him. We are saddened and deeply angered, as I am sure you are.

Racial issues are especially important in Education, as school plays a large influence on our youth—it is where they learn values, attitudes, and form their sense of self. As such, Education has the power to be a “great equalizer”, as noted by Horace Mann, a pioneer of American public schools.

In this spirit, as an Education company, we wanted to express our commitment to continue to stand in solidarity against racism and violence. And we also reaffirm our commitment to developing materials that are not racially-biased and with which all students can achieve their full potential. In order to do so, we are currently working to solicit views from our community of teachers and students to hear their needs and concerns. We welcome your input.

In closing, we want our teacher and student community to know: we hear your voices and we'll let them guide our work.

Humbly yours,

Janice Gobert

Co-Founder & CEO

Apprendis (Inq-ITS & Inq-Blotter)