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Personalized Online Labs that Score Themselves

Students engage in interactive science labs while receiving real time coaching.

Teachers get alerts when kids struggle. Schools get the data they need to demonstrate growth.

Students get individualized help

While students engage in inquiry, they get personalized help in real time from Rex, the virtual coach.

Teachers get actionable data

While students work, teachers get real time, automatic grading, tracking, and alerts to support instruction and provide 1:1 help.

Schools track growth

Inq-ITS reports provide teachers, schools, and districts with the data they need to demonstrate student growth in science.

Inq-ITS Knows When Students Need Help

Inq-ITS is a science learning platform with simulations for Physical, Life, and Earth Science - all aligned with NGSS standards.

Students show what they know and educators get real-time, actionable data to inform whole class instruction or one-on-one support.

Rex, the virtual coach, gives students personalized assistance to help students conduct inquiry.

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